"I am figuring out which parts of my personality are mine 
and which ones I created to please you."

The Dust On This Poem Could Choke You/ Lora Mathis  (via paigettttmerchant)

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GoFundMe bans all content “relating to” abortion — leaves antiabortion campaigns active - Salon.com




Between this and the whole Darren Wilson thing, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that GoFundMe is run by a bunch of right-wing douchebags.

For those who are looking to start a fundraiser:

You have so many other choices for crowdfunding.

A shifty crowdfunding website that’s only been in the public eye for a couple months turns out to have piss poor morals - This is why you don’t buy cheap merchandise from shifty looking hooded figures in back alleys, more or less.

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10 years ago today, Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way went back in time to sedouce Volxemort and protect all of us from his evil plans

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